Walking dinner

A walking dinner is the modern version of the 'walking buffet'. However; there is a big advantage over a buffet; you never queue!

A walking dinner in Amsterdam is composed of several, small dishes that together form a full-fledged meal. The different courses are served in a manageable way and this makes a walking dinner very suitable for, for example, a business meeting where networking is important.

It is also very suitable for events that are not purely business events. It creates a looser atmosphere than a seated dinner and guests are free to go wherever they want.

The number of courses and the type of dishes are determined in consultation with you, with the products of the respective season being the guiding principle.

We are also very happy to offer a walking dinner from a social point of view. A buffet generally leaves a lot of food that is simply thrown away. This is not only a waste of money but, above all, very bad for the environment. Choosing a walking dinner minimises this food waste.

You and your guests no longer queue and together we contribute to reducing food waste.